ACROSS&DOWNKᾋO] Ron A. Zajac 2009 Ron A. ZajacHypo gives this feelingAnd proper, tooEternal CityDewey alternate class. sys.You can't _____ an honest manKid's not sleeping, he's goneIn this style, in NiceCleo's undoingThat's and boundsGarretUnderstoodLittle hangersShakespearian fussSpeculationAuthor JongMammalian spigotsZen leaderRigidCherishNot 'in bed', but rootedSouthern South AmericaYea far in the pastTomorrow, in 18AcrossDomicilesThey fly, and shrimp whistleCrossrd.Most famous hot sauceThinking so others can hearSeven of these wet onesComputer svcs. managerUnionizing conjunctionAffirm'Just Do It' folksNeither can budgeParty activistMost populous cty. in the U.S.Sign gas (symb.)CompetesChurchy convocationDorset townElectronics co. till 1986Gang, not BloodHawthorne's red 'A' ladyPopular Dutch cheeseAlpha quartetForefinger/thumb circle signOld Amish card gameArabic lutes_____ child is full of woePrior SOThis fall is on your fannySmoked salmon/rocket propellantU.S. invention protectorAdd an 's', this cat is coolestThe other ostrichComestibleWhere you need a quorumHold forthShieldRaven writerRoyce's partnerHardy, Stone, NorthThem thingsBiting whaleDied in the ____Horse halterEngage againQuechua empireBore (out)Goofs upSqanderersSooner than, poeticallyTake the watersHermitWhile gestating: In _____Giving this shows disrespectMovie idolJilted Greek demigoddessFollow the river to find thisPlay groups