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Crossword Puzzles of My Own Design(v2.07)
For fun, I wrote an extensive system, putz, to help me create crossword puzzles. Have a look!
Simple Tcl-based fIGLET library(v1.9)
Having once and for all gotten sick of dicking around with DOS-unfriendly pre-compiled FIGlet executables—and, wanting dynamic figlet font generation—I hunkered down and wrote a simple tcl library, Stiglet.tcl. Have a look!
Chinese Language
I've been studying Chinese full-time! Find out what I'm up to!
Bill Maher's "Religulous": My Two Bits
Just saw Religulous, and I just wanted to drop my two bits!
Dongshih Diary
Finally! Text, pics, and maybe some MP3s for your perusal and auditing.
Vital Statistics
Have a look at my Vital Statistics. Feel free to CONTACT ME.
Look here for stuff related to English as a Second Language (my latest/greatest raison d'être).
Fun & Interesting Wallpapers
As another sort of hobby, I compose wallpapers for my computer desktop. You'll find Chinese aphorisms, political, scenery, and combinations thereof.
Music-related stuff
You'll find some music stuff here.
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