ACROSS&DOWN~KE@?91.2 and Thither Ron A. Zajac 2009 Ron A. ZajacSonneteerRepress in memoryNot dockedInvitation lettersIVsMassive___ polloiSiete less seisButter substitute?Opinion pieceCornfield soundWanting, in the worst wayPenny guyLike Willie WinkieThe Beatles' "Back in the ____"BlameBrit. decorationDraftsA kind of keyboardWinning signJabbering"Is it ____?" --Marathon ManPushed too far, with upGo postalFlooredRespighi's "____ of Rome"Himalayan sightings____ jure (by law)EyeballsPaisley moleculesWord before laugh or strawPokyYou may flirt with itBrit dweebYou could fall into a tangled tarpSkinnyFourth caliphRousseau or MatissePlenty soreFair ___ (copyright issue)Fair to middlin'A wee hourDarlingSea pleaNashville sound?Sounds surprisedReach across, like a bridgeHatching placesShark pools?Falling-outLeague membersRun ___ (go wild)Pal, Down UnderWaylay with a flurry of blatherThe artist now known as Yusuf IslamInternet-age verite unitBefore the carte, but not the horseMouthpieceGirl cellsFrat party requisiteNewcastle Brown, e.g.____ the way (lead)Terry's role in The Wizard of OzScuffBeau for a doeDistort, as data