Ron's ESL Small Group Activity Materials

I've been teaching in Taiwan for a number of years, in various environments:

  • Classes with 8-20 kids
  • Large classes (30+) of new University students, needing "remedial" English in preparation for studies in which they may need it.
  • A "short-term" adult buxiban (private "patch-up" school), in which a class has no more than 6 young/middle-aged/aging adults.

I've served in that last capacity for four years, and have amassed quite a collection of teaching materials.

I also created a sort of "database" for these materials. One handy ramification is that it's easy to crank out a browsable listing of the materials, which I do for presentation to management, once a year.

You're welcome to have a look! I've generated a subset-browsable listing, which I offer here.

Hope it gives you a clear picture of what I've been up to, these last four years!


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