ACROSS&DOWNHŖ1.2oA nest, for Dance Ron A. Zajac 2009 Ron A. ZajacGushExtremely petite, perhaps impish'Winnie ther Pooh' creatorForeshadowedParityChemically engraveA valuableBronze CoinArrays of wavelengthsVenerable U.S. pastry purveyor LeeAlters the textSkittishCurtailA black suitRob someone blindLong fishIreland, poeticallyRoadside lodgingJazz enthousiasts, circa 1950'sVim and vigorUrgent requirementNasty old toadRentDown and to the rightTwitDenominator indicatorPrefix prefixAll one's possessionsDerek, Diddley, or SchembechlerApproving shoutLong, impressed vocalizationCommieDull, greyish brown cow- "Some classic snakes"With 'out', to exhaustAppearsLecternEpic taleSpeck, perhaps in your eyeBall siting accoutrementMoby was his nemesisCommit dance/music/etc. to paperPlaythingNo animal products, whatsoeverUp and to the rightTalismanBromideOglers