ACROSS&DOWNJk+#8 the Wig Down Off the Shelf Ron A. Zajac 2009 Ron A. ZajacThree-note chordGolfer's bagfulRelieves (of)Ill-fated Aussie pop naturalistGoodbyesBarkerAlpha quartetRelinquishing competitive claim"Peer Gynt" composerMost strappingSocial problemsBuncoCeltic walking stick/cudgelChocolatey beanTucked inLike some vasesOddball'Tommy' band, with 'The'A folk tale's traditionA bad one should be kickedSimple shirtShe had an 'Angry Inch'Small brookGood night, _____, good night...Late actor DavisHonorariaRustic digsNog seedsBinding associationsNot your friend in FloridaWgt.With itUse kazoosMany Americans 'liked' himHoisting sitesTough luck, Caesar!Hefty volumeArt craze of the '60sApple on a deskSome chest-pounding, for shortReason to separate swineGoat-manExpensive eggs?They're picked in HawaiiIt's a long storyDiner signRdChumDandy, in BeijingFerrous workerDone in an imbalanced wayNot woodyScarfaceBottled (up)Long, long ___FashionableSecond most classic unknownFamily girlVaseline, for oneCaptivatedRater of m.p.g.Green-light indicatorBout ender, for shortGlaringly awful tastePremier addiction recovery pgm.Beef ___Icarus' undoingD.C. lawmaker___ people (sci-fi figures)Reggae-like dance crazeKnowing it is there makes you 28-AcrossHelp in crimeFaithfulClio winnersScintillaImpassionThey're sometimes wildCronus, to RomansFamed Arbor's first nameReplaced the LPHaunted house noiseDrag localeScumTibetan legendsHave mercy onThe Beatles'____PepperSit heavilyHarp, dial, erotic, and cadOnlyThe Rolling Stones' "___ a Rainbow"PacePC chooser popupEggplant colorUnderground wealthFocused on, with 'to'Quasimodo's creatorFilmmaker with total creative controlTailless simianWreck beyond recognitionSold out for a plate of beansArtist Who Used to Be Known as ThisDawdlingVisitsFollow as a result